We are losing sight of civility in government and politics. Debate and dialogue is taking a back seat to the politics of destruction and anger and control. Dogma has replaced thoughtful discussion between people of differing views.
- James McGreevey

The Day I Missed The Bus

Ring Ring

6:30am time to go to school

But that was a bust because I missed the bus

I showed up late that’s my third one

The handbook says that that’s one day of in school suspension

Now they got me mad, frustrated, sad.

Still gotta go to class

Where the teacher talks too fast

Class clown sits beside me I can’t help but laugh

But now I’m disruptive and annoying

She doesn’t move my seat or explain the importance of focusing

She kicks me out and now I’m pissed off

If somebody say some slick shit Ima go off


But It’s time for lunch let me find friends

Then I see that same class clown tryna make jokes again

I walk up to him like “Hey what’s up you got me kicked out of class that was fucked up”

He said “It was yo ugly ass that decided to laugh now get out my face before I fry yo ass”

See I was already mad he should’ve just said “my bad and you shouldn’t have gotten kicked out”

But he didn’t

So, I decided to knock his ass out

That’s how I learned to respond when someone tries to disrespect you.

Don’t be no bitch is what everybody and they daddy say

Then the officer showed up and I felt like a bitch anyway.

He threw me to the ground

He said “Put your hands behind your back”

But my head slammed on the floor

I was disoriented and I couldn’t hear a sound


I end up in the principal’s office

This ain't my first fight so I know what’s going down

I’ll get five days out of school and then I’ll come back around

The principal comes in with his stoic face

Saying “Boy how many times have we been in this place”

“Based on your actions there is only one thing I can tell you’re a danger to my school so you're expelled”

My mom picked me up and gave me fuss

While i’m thinking man all of this because I missed the bus.

Class Clown’s parents ended up pressing charges

his testimony was a fucking catharsis

Now they got me in the center

With all the other bad ass kids

Nobody in here or out there care if we live

They lock us up and call it just

But nobody bothered to ask me why I missed the bus


You didn’t care that moms was sick

Never considered me for anger management

I didn’t mean to speak out of turn

I just had something to say

I know my grammars not great

but you moved me up with a C

Man, I know you don’t care about me

Not really, because you’ve already decided who you think I’ll be

Dead, body pierced with lead

Or maybe locked in a cage guarded by the feds

I have systematic oppression trying to beat me

You call yourself a teacher but you never tried to reach me

The world will never see the gifts I had bring

The discoveries I would make

The progress I would shape

But I broke the rule so you made me out to be a fool

The sad part it is you think you did the right the thing

In reality you’re committing a crime

Criminalizing children creating a cycle over time

Or in other words feeding the school to prison pipeline

As We Begin to End