We are losing sight of civility in government and politics. Debate and dialogue is taking a back seat to the politics of destruction and anger and control. Dogma has replaced thoughtful discussion between people of differing views.
- James McGreevey

Despising People Like Me

Democrats and Republicans are the only political parties that matter. Independents are the only voters that matter. Democrats and Republicans dump so much cash in the elections that it is virtually impossible for anyone, outside of near billionaires, to be any real threat to the political establishment. When it comes to voters, Democrats will vote democrat and republicans will vote republican and everyone knows it. Independents, however, are undetermined and undecided. That is the group that must be convinced.  I am an independent. I will vote for whoever can convince me that they are the best woman or man for the job. This being said the left usually convinces me. I believe that the government has to spend and invest money in order to make money, I believe that universal health care is a good investment, and I believe that we spend entirely too much money on defense and do a horrible job defending. By all means, I should join the majority of my friends and family and be a Democrat. But I won't because I despise them. Not them as people and not even their policies, I hate the way they treat people. They will call someone stupid or ignorant for having any opposing opinion. They disrespect their opposition instead of engaging in a dialogue or reasonable argument this causes mutual resentment. They attack people for having fears they have deemed irrational. For example with the recent terror attacks around the world that have been claimed by ISIS. Many Americans especially on right are afraid of an attack happening in their community. They take these fears out on immigration policies and the Muslim community. Now, given the reaction to the fear is illogical because the United States already has extreme vetting for refugees and it is extremely difficult to even get a work visa and taking your fear of radical Islamic terrorists out on the Muslim community is the equivalent of me taking my fear of the KKK out on the Christian community. However, their fear in and of itself is real and valid. The left will punish people for their fears instead of listening to these fears to find constructive solutions to them. So Yeah I agree with the left but their arrogance keeps pushing me away. When my liberal friends learn to listen and understand and then respond to be understood then I might join their little gang until then my vote matters.

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